Meghan’s wedding Fairfield,CT

The air was super cool today and it was definitely feeling autumnal. We started makeup at Meghan’s parents house bright and early at 8am. Meghan grew up in the house and it just had such a homey, warm vibe.  

My friend Kara assisted me on the wedding today, we each did half the bridal party, the grooms mother and ofcourse the mother of the bride! 

Everyone was so excited, and down to earth. There were a lot of laughs and great music playing the whole time! It was no surprise to me that Meghan had cool friends, as she has just one of the best personalities you’ll ever meet.

There was a break in the day in which Kara, myself and Meghan were all by ourselves. Chatting and relaxing. Hanging out like it was just any other day. I loved having that one on one time with the bride to be.

Meg’s puppy Cooper was there too, keeping the “aww” factor at a maximum, we also had two little chipmunk friends outside in their beautifully landscaped backyard who just hung out pretty much the whole time they were getting ready! One of the bridesmaids exclaimed that it was “good luck!”

With the off and on rain, chipmunks and your fabulous attitude, I truly believe you have a life of happiness ahead of you in marriage. All the best Meghan and Shawn!




Beautiful, natural makeup. Focus on glowy, healthy looking skin.  





Trolley that came to pick up the bridal party and bring them to the church!?!? Could this wedding get any cooler? 


The final moments of getting ready before heading out to the church. Stunning dress!