Cristina’s wedding Danbury,CT

What is more fun than a New Year’s Eve wedding? 

Cristina’s bubbly personality was the perfect fit for such a festive wedding date.  

I arrived at Hote Zero at 8am, the temperature was a swift 7 degrees. Brrrrrr. 

I got super smart yesterday, grabbed one of the luggage trolleys and packed all of my belongings right on there!  My new makeup light 🙌🏻, my Zuca train case, chair... everything. Wow was that a heck of a lot easier or what? Hote zero is super cool, modernized and welcoming! Cristina’s bridal party was the most down to earth and sweet crew around! I hit it off great with Cristina’s Mom, Lola who was here from Bolivia! 

One of my favorite moments had to have been when I teared up a bit upon the calling to apply “alittle blush and lipgloss” on the 4 yr old flower girl! Needless to say, this little cutie reminded me so much of an older version of my little girl 💕 

This was a Fantastic day and such a great way to end off a really fabulous wedding season! Here’s to the next🎉🥂 


Beauty through out the generations  


 Bride Cristina, right after having her makeup done by me!